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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Greeting From Hangover Town

Well hello there. I seen you looking at this web page thing. So you like Country Music? Me too. I like it a lot. I see that you are enjoying an adult beverage. Do you mind if I join you? Cheers!

I guess you already know that Slim White and The Averys are releasing their record on Saturday. Appropriately, we're having one the all-time great Ranch Party Round Ups ever this weekend, with a slate of acts that will have you hollerin' and hoistin' a glass. We've invited back our long-time Round Up family members The Song Birds! These fine folks always bring a great show, with Jessi and Savannah providing sweet harmonies and solid rhythm, Brian and John dusting it all with their inventive melodic workouts, and the whole band bringing you a mix of classic favorites and their own great original songs. This band will deliver the goods!

We are also fortunate to have The Wayfarers on the bill this Saturday. This band is a stealth act that has rocketed out of Zanesville lately, with the genuine article: real mountain music and Appalacian sounds, with old-time rural radio shows setting the example. This is a smart, talented bunch of pickers. Catch their show this Round Up and you can one day tell folks you saw 'em way back when.....

After The Averys knock off around 10 PM, you youngsters will want to stick around for The Smoking Guns. This is when your Saturday night gets into gear! Matt Monta and his band (Billy Corey, Rob Thomas, Brady Oxender) will grind out some uptempo rockabilly, stomp out some swampy blues, and evoke the combined aroma of Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie all within the same song.




SAT FEB 11, 6PM-1 AM









251 w 5 AVE 43201

And Now A Word About
"Greetings From Hangover Town"

This record was recorded last Spring at Steezo Sound in Gahanna, OH. We met Eric Jones when he ran the board at what is now Woodlands. He still does a bangup job over there. Eric engineered the sessions and helped produce with his usual no-nonsense professional style. He recorded the band as it actually sounds.

The songs on this record had all had a good live workout over many shows before they were recorded. The entire band laid down live tracks for every song, and then took second chance passes for some guitar solos and vocals where the live performance or signal was lacking. Short of being 100% live, this is as honest a performance as you will find.

The Averys would like to thank all of you for supporting our music over the past few years, and for your support of live, local, independant Traditional Country Music. This town has a truly vibrant, high-quality, pro-level Traditional Country Music community, and y'all are the ones that make it possible.

Yer Pards-
Slim White & The Averys

SAT FEB 11th


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All New For 2012!

The Ranch Party Round Up

Saturday, January 14, 6-10 PM

Late Night Round Up From 10 PM

Slim White and The Averys

Zach Whitney

Billy Two Shoes

The Bennie James Shotgun Company

The Shrunken Head

Howdy, Rounders-Up, Honky Tonkers and Americana Misfits! Slim here, once again, with the scoop on this month's edition of The Ranch Party Round Up. As we indicated last month, the new year brings a new and improved Round Up that will preserve the best of the old show and introduce some new features that should make for an even more totally excellent evening's entertainment.

The most radical change to the show will be the schedule. Instead of asking y'all to come out on a Sunday night each month, The Shrunken Head will now program The Ranch Party Round Up on THE SECOND SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH. We'll be going back to our original start time of 6 PM, since we figure y'all could stay out a little later on a Saturday, and that will give me time to watch a rerun Anthony Bourdain on The Travel Channel before I load out to go to sound check. The Round Up will still be a four set show featuring The Averys and two other fully committed and talented Traditional Country-slash-Americana acts, but in addition to this (as if that weren't already enough), you may now look forward to the Late Night Round Up, featuring an additional act who will follow the regular show at 10 PM. There are a lot- I mean a whole lot- of terrific bands around here who play some pretty twangy Country sounds that might be a little too "Alt-Country" (meaning more on the rocking side of the equation) to fit into the classic Round Up format, so we are pleased to have an opportunity to bring them to the stage to heat up the night and send you home with the sweet sound of an overdriven Tele echoing in your brain.

Now, I have pissed and moaned about the general crappiness of our Trivia Game prizes for a long time. You'd think we would have done something about this by now, like maybe put a shred of effort into finding better prizes. Instead, we have decided to do away with the Trivia Game. I know, it is a heartbreaker for a lot of you, but most of you are probably relieved. For one thing, the only people who ever seem to know the answers the trivia questions are usually the folks in the other bands that are on the bill, and how many more tore-up Ferlin Husky LPs or coffee-stained Johnny Cash biographies do these guys need to win? For another thing, it seems like you can't go to a Country Music show around here anymore without being asked to win a prize. I can't tell you how many times an audience member has come up to me and said "I don't want to have to win a crappy prize. I just want you to play some damn Country Music like you are supposed to do." We can't just ignore this sentiment, so we have decided, instead of the Trivia Game, to fritter away some of the precious Round Up between-set interludes with a brief interview segment by way of introducing each band. This is my idea, so if it is a successful addition to the show, I will be happy to take credit. On the other hand, if it stinks, then the rest of The Averys can share the blame with me, since they should have known better and they failed to talk me out of it. So heads-up, Round Up acts: be prepared to answer two or three questions about your band and your music, kind of like you did that time when you and Glen Campbell shared a funny anecdote before your duet on The Good Time Hour back in the '70s.

Maybe all of these changes seem confusing. Your head may be spinning by now. Do not be dismayed. This is still the good old Ranch Party Round Up you have come to know and love. For one thing, Brady's beard has pretty much grown back after the Movember thing, so you've got that going for you. Also, we will still have Boots spinning the old vinyl Country records between sets. That's probably the most reliably entertaining part of the evening, if you think about it. Miranda will still be slinging the bevvies behind the bar, and you will still enjoy the Shrunken Head's delicious pizza and sub creations. Travis is still running sound, and Oni is on the door, making sure that no hipsters gain access to the sanctified environs of The Round Up. Best of all, the show is STILL FREE!!!! Mostly, anyway, we think. See, The Round Up proper has always been a free show, and will remain so, but we were thinking there might be a cover for The Late Night Round Up. Then Andreas was promoting the whole night as a free show, so frankly we don't know what the hell is going on. To be on the safe side, you'd better get there before The Late Night Round Up. This tiny amount of confusion is byproduct of the massive bureauocracy that we have had to put in place to manage our small part in the ever-burgeoning might of the awesome Central Ohio Independent Country Music Scene. I think you will agree that it is a small price to pay along the way to ultimate Country Music World Domination. Actually, strike that last bit. We'll never unthrone Lady Antebellum. We can pee in their coffee, though, and that is just what we intend to do.

If you have read this far then I can only assume you are unemployed. Get a shower and find a job, already. But as long as you are still here, let me tell you about the acts you will enjoy at this, the inaugural New and Improved Ranch Party Round Up. First up we have our old friend Zach Whitney, one of the hardest working musicians in the region and a man who has done more than his share of hard work to keep alive these classic sounds that we all love. Zach is a walking encyclopedia of Country Music and his live show includes his own catchy original songs, old classics that you love, and plenty of witty repartee. He is a true professional and one of the most genuine fellows you will ever meet. The Averys are proud to call him a friend and a member of The Round Up family. You can catch Zach with good old I.R. Hummel (Apple Bottom Gang) at their Brothers' Hillbilly Happy Hour, every 2nd and 4th Friday at The Head. But don't miss him this Saturday at The Round Up!

Our second guest this month are another returning act, the fine folks in Billy Two Shoes. We've had The Billies out to the Round Up in the past, and played some other dates with them, and we always look forward to their "trailer park swamp stomp", as Brady nicely tagged it recently. These boys are one of the area's most well-traveled and deeply schooled string outfits, and they mean business. Their original songs are populated with keenly etched characters who are familiar, flawed and ultimately sympathetic. Plus they are real good guys. Find our more at

Finally, The Late Night Round Up (the first ever and soon to be a must-book gig for every serious local Tele-grinding act) will feature The Bennie James Shotgun Company. Now, y'all know Bennie from his previous participation a The Round Up as a solo act. I think Bennie has one of the most compelling singing voices on the scene, and his stage persona is exactly the same as his off-stage persona: easygoing, genuine, rascally and smart. Bennie knows how to share a laugh and he is deeply committed to real Country Music. He's logged a hell of a lot of hours on stage and his experience shows. I had a chance to hang with his band mates at a Round Up not too long ago, and at first I was kind of scared of them since they sort of looked like they might be in The Black Crowes, but they turned out to be real good guys and I had to admit that I kind of wished I could pull off that look. I have a sneaking suspicion that they play Les Pauls instead of Teles, but I can't say for sure, and anyway, if there is one place you can play Country Music on a Les Paul, it is at The Late Night Round Up. Wardrobe and brand-name guitars aside, I guarantee that you that The Bennie James Shotgun Company will turn in one hell of a show this Saturday and they are the perfect act the launch the new late show.

Okay, now I am tired of typing, you're tired of reading, so I am going to sign off here. One more thing, though- The Averys may not open the Round Up this month- the show may be started by one of our guests- because I have to work my day job and I might be late. But those adult videos and marital aids aren't going to sell themselves, are they? I'll see y'all at the show, in any event! We're gonna dust off Wichita Lineman for ya'! Giddyap!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Averys Update

How do you like that attention-grabbing headline up there? "December Averys Update". Really makes you want to keep reading, doesn't it? I always got good grades in Creative Writing.

Well it is Ol' Slim once again like 'most every month, here to plug the show but also with other Avery news nuggets. Drummer Ox was writing about the show on Facebook and teased a couple of "big announcements" concerning the record and the future of The Round Up. I see what he is doing here- you have to come to the show to see what these "big announcements" are, right? Well, I was going to blow his whole scheme and reveal the "big announcements" on this here blog, but who am I to meddle with Ox's carefully plotted promotional strategy? So if you miss the Round Up this Sunday you will never know the actual release schedule for "Greetings From Hangover Town" and you also will not hear about the new and improved Ranch Party Round Up that we have planned to begin in January. This crucial information will be forever unavailable to you. Unless you subsequently check this blog or Google "Slim White and The Averys".

For this month's Round Up, The Averys have secured a couple of acts that have been on our "wish list" for quite some, each being among the most accomplished and skillful practitioners to be found in our neck of the woods.

First Up!

Jake Cheshire

After much cajoling and a portion of whining from his bandmates, Averys bass player-slash-singer, Jake Cheshire, will be on hand to play a solo set of his own songs, plus maybe a cover or two. We know all y'all love what Jake does in The Averys, so you can only imagine what he is capable of when unshackled from the rest of the band. I love Jake's singing voice and I love his songs. He has a plainspoken, vernacular power in his lyrics; they convey specific moments in time that expand to suggest larger themes. Jake's sly sense of humor is also in evidence. I especially like the way Jake plays his guitar- slightly behind the beat and just loafing along, with a solid rhythmic pulse. I try to follow the chords he is playing but mostly I have to guess because his hands are so huge I can't really make out what chord he is fingering. On top of all this, Jake has quite a collectioin of groovy instruments; some of them are older than he is! So I'll be interested to see which one of his eccentric antique guitars he hauls out for this show. Jake has a lot of amazing stories of his adventures as a musician down through the years, coming from Florida and doing a hitch out in Southern California in the '70s. Oh yeah, Baby, he was there! Maybe he'll share some of these tales with us come Sunday.

Next Up!

Gipson & Fitz Trio

I remember the fist time I saw Gipson & Fitz, I was mesmerized by the precision of their arrangements and their willingness to bend and shape the standard elements of Bluegrass styles and create something that is familiar while not standing still. Most of us are partial to old Bill Monroe and other seminal Bluegrass performers, and Gipson & Fitz bring some of that flavor, but they also cite John Hartford as an influence, as well as early '70s rock. They don't bill themselves as a Bluegrass act, but I think they may be a gateway act to Bluegrass proper. If we can't label the band then that is just as well- the fact is that Brant Gipson (guitar, vox), Mark Fitzharris (mandolin, vox), and Billy Cory (upright bass) are a tight group with chops to spare and a willingness to explore the many textures and song forms that can be coaxed out of atheir instruments. Expect keen vocal harmonies, solid rhythmic foundation, and tasty solos with hints of blues and jazz dropped in. The Averys are pleased to welcome The Gipson & Fitz Trio to the Round Up family.

And As Usual!

Slim White and The Averys

Y'all know what The Averys have in store for you: our signature blend of old favorites and new originals, pure Honky Tonk and Bakersfield sounds tightly arranged with a solid drum and bass foundation and plenty of devastating guitar work on both steel and Telecaster. If you like Buck Owens singing with Don Rich; if you like Merle Haggard's songs of introspection and despair; if you like the now-with-the-benefit-of-hindsight slightly doomed vibe of the Great Gram Parsons, or "Brand New Rollerskates" by Melanie, then The Averys are the band for you!


Where Does This Amazing Show Take Place?

And Also, When?

I'm glad you asked:

Sunday, December 11th, 5-9 PM


The Shrunken Head

Victorian Village

251 W 5th Ave, 43201

See ya' there!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Round Up This Sunday!

Howdy, Averys Fans, Casual Followers and Slightly Disappointed Google Searchers! Slim here, once again, with the latest news from Hangover Town.

Now it has been a little while since I have brought you an update, but the fact is I have been busy researching new material. These songs of heartache, hard drinking and disappointment don't write themselves. They have to be lived a little bit before they can get dressed up for the stage. So that is what I have been up to, besides watching Robert Mitchum movies on cable TV.

Now of course the main thing I want to talk about is the November Ranch Party Round Up, which is coming up here on Sunday, the 13th. But first I want to make sure you all are aware of a couple other shows that promise to feature outstanding sets from some of our finest musicians in town.

The Saturday after The Round Up, you can see a killer lineup of great talent at Kobo on the 19th: Joshua P James and The Paper Planes, The Boondogglers, Matt Monta and The Smoking Guns, and Ghost Shirt, all on one huge bill. This is the Movember Showdown, a function of the moustache-growing freak show that is Movember, a fundraising event aimed at men's health/cancer research. Find out more at Show starts at 9 PM-

Also at Kobo, tonight (Tuesday the 8th) you can attend this week's Whiskey Social, with your hosts Buckles and Boots, otherwise known to some of y'all as Brian and Jessie Maxwell from The Song Birds. Brian and Jessie are hugely dedicated and creative players, although I don't know about that "Buckles and Boots" moniker. It's almost as bad as "The Averys". But the music will be good! Also on the bill tonight will be Erika Hughes. She is one of our guests for the Round Up this Sunday, so if you want to check out her act you can have a preview at Kobo tonight. Also on the bill are Dan The Sax Man and Jessijem. Generally speaking, you'll be entertained if you head up to Kobo on a Tuesday for the Whiskey Social, no matter who is hosting the show.

So on to The Ranch Party Round Up! First the contractually obligated bullet points:
-Free Show
-Country Music Trivia Game with Lame Prizes
-Live Classic Country Music Vinyl DJ Boots Massing Spinning Actual Records
-Three Big Acts- Four Big Sets
-Great Beer Selection, Delicious Pizzas, Friendly Bartenders
-An Audience Of Country Music Fans Just Like You!

Now The Averys have a couple of new songs in the hopper, so as usual we will be playing our two sets of classic songs and our own originals that we continue to write for you. We are pleased to have back ol' Chris Bingman, who has participated in The Round Up as a member of Springfield Special, The BS Country & Western Band, and also The Hanging Deadmen. He's also got something called The Buttermilk Biscuit Boys. We don't know for sure which show he'll be bringing from his little Hillbilly Empire, but you can be certain that he will indeed bring a show, in all his Old Timey glory. Bing is one of these guys that believes in the old classics and doesn't mess around with the formula. If you like your music Old Timey, you will enjoy Bing's show.

Our other guest on Sunday will be Erika Hughes. She is another act that is thoroughly dedicated to preserving the classic mountain sounds, with a bright clear voice and straight-ahead delivery. She will sing and play guitar, and she is bringing Trevor Edge to play lead guitar; on upright bass she will have Scott Maruskin. We are looking forward to welcoming Erika and her band to The Round Up family, and I know y'all will make her feel right at home with us.

As I said, The Averys will have our usual two sets of Bakersfield-influenced songs, both classics as well as classics-to-be. Couple of new songs, the usual gum-flappin' from me, awesome guitar solos from Boots and Rich, the withering glance in my direction from Jake, and the spaced out look in Brady's eyes halfway through "Bear Creek Blues". What more could you ask for?

Finally, we want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the folks who have helped us raise that last little bit of folding green that we needed to send our record off to the pressing plant in time for a January release. By pre-ordering our record and selecting some of the premium versions that are available, you all have let us know that our work is valued. Besides being great traditional country music listening from your Local Independent Classic Country Music Practitioners, "Greetings From Hangover Town" is a cool 7" vinyl artifact that you will display with pride in years to come. There are still a few limited-edition, signed/numbered copies available, so for those of you who haven't checked it out yet, click on over to and get yours before they are all gone.

So once more, that's

The Ranch Party Round Up

Sunday, November 13th, 5-9 PM


The Shrunken Head

251 W 5th Avenue, Victorian Village

with your hosts

Slim White and The Averys

and special guests

Erika Hughes


The Rev. Chris Bingman


Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Round Up Time Again!

Howdy, Gang! Holy cow, I can't believe it is August already... And time once again for The Averys to bring you the latest installment of The Ranch Party Round Up! I'll tell you all about that in a moment, but first I want to encourage y'all to go out and catch Matt Monta and The Smoking Guns the first chance you get. I caught their act last night at The Rumba, where they opened an early show for Unit 1. We all know Matt is one of our finest local tunesmiths and a riveting showman, and we've noticed him veer ever so slowly to the twangier side of the road for a little while now. Well, this new band of his is really bringing a rootsy edge to Matt's act, and it is no wonder with a lineup like this: good old Billy Cory (of Gipson & Fitz) slappin' the standup bass, Rob Thomas (of Oddjob Millionaires and The 3 C Drifters) grinding out killer rockabilly riffs, and our own Avery, Brady Oxender, catching plenty of rim on the drumkit. Matt's got a set of uptempo Country and Rockabilly covers mixed in with re-tooled versions of his own songs, and this band puts on a terrific show. We're gonna get 'em out to The Round Up pretty soon, but don't wait 'til then to catch their act.

So speaking of Unit 1, we are pleased to welcome a version of this fine band to this month's Round Up. Unit 1 are a tight band of serious guitar slingers with a driving rock'n'roll sound that always has a little bit of that rootsy twang we all love so much. For the Round Up, we asked Aaron and Jeff to come out and showcase their Country side. I understand that this duo has added a player or two for their set tomorrow evening, so I am not sure what the complete lineup will be, but I can promise you these gents will bring the goods. They are excellent players and their songs are always right on. We are looking forward to seeing what they have for us tomorrow.

Also on the bill will be another act that is new to The Round Up. The Houndstooth Bindles are a new local band who are off to a great start and a welcome addition to the Columbus Traditional Country scene. I know they have shared the bill with our friends in the BS Country and Western Band, and we in The Averys are keen to have them play The Ranch Party Round Up. They have a real twangy sound with solid songwriting behind it. Here is what they have to say about themselves:

"Houndstooth Bindles was formed in early 2011 in Columbus Ohio to play a rambunctious type of hillbilly/folk music. Consisting of banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and bass, our music is similar to bluegrass, but stylistically we draw more from folk singers like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, with added punk tempos and aesthetic. We play mostly originals with a few old-timey covers thrown in for good measure. Our songs are often thick with vocal harmony, and no one member of the band is the traditional frontman; instead the lead singer changes depending on the song."

Sounds to me like we are going to enjoy a rollicking good set from The Houndstooth Bindles.

As always, folks, The Ranch Party Round Up starts at 5 PM and goes until 9. The Averys will be on hand to deliver two sets of our own Bakersfield style Country Music, featuring classic hits from the golden age of Country Music as well as plenty of slightly depressing originals that are almost all about drinking and remorse. The show is free- we do this out of love, folks, for it is our mission to preserve these classic American song forms. I will be making another batch of Ranch Party Round Up Barbeque sauce for you to win during Papa Ox's Classic Country Music Trivia, and DJ Boots will be spinning those old vinyl Country records between live sets. So come on out and get a dose of your own local Independent Traditional Country Music Practitioners as they ply their craft for you!

The Shrunken Head
Slim White and The Averys
The Ranch Party Round Up
The Houndstooth Bindles
Some Version Of Unit 1
Slim White and The Averys

Sunday, August 14th, 5-9PM
The Shrunken Head
251 W 5th Avenue, Columbus

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sunday! Slick Andrews & 3CD, and Jinxed!

Folks, we had a nice holiday weekend over the Fourth of July and some folks were lucky enough to have a four-day work week this week, but it still felt awful long and hot. If you are like me, then you are probably ready for another weekend. There is always something to do in our fair city- lots of great local music and all kinds of venues to see 'em at. That Averys and I would like to invite you to our show this Sunday at The Shrunken Head in Victorian Village.

We are privileged to invite back two acts who have turned in robust and entertaining shows for you at previous Round Ups. Our duet act this month is Jinxed. You know Savannah from the Song Birds. They came out and sang for you last month, and sounded excellent as always. Bart is the lead vocalist and bass player from Third Degree Sideburn, a local Rockabilly institution with hundreds of shows under their belt. Third Degree will be out to play The Round Up n October, I believe is when we have them. As Jinxed, Savannah and Bart play a whole range of classic old songs from all the great Country Acts. They get extra credit, too, for doing some Everly Brothers, who were much more influential in the world of Country Music than some folks realize, and also for covering a song from "Walk Hard". good ol' Dewey Cox.....

Now, for genuine firepower, we have recruited one of our favorite acts, Slick City and The 3C Drifters. This band is the real deal, and an act that all us musicians can learn a thing or two from. They know all the classics, but they will also play you juicy deep cuts and B-Sides that you've never heard before. When last we hosted Slick and the boys, they came out as a powerhouse three piece, with Slick singing and playing rhythm, old Howard "Hi-Watt" Montgomery slapping that doghouse bass, and Rob Thomas (also of the Odd Job Millionaires and Matt Monta and The Smoking Guns) busting some super-twangy leads. This time around, I understand that they are bringing a drummer and a steel player, so you may see Ol' Slim sweat the competition a little bit! You will get old Honky Tonk and straight-up Rockabilly from this tight, professional band. Slick Andrews and The 3C Drifters get the Averys' Sartorial Seal Of Approval for wearing Western Wear with matching shirts and appropriate headgear.

As always, The Averys and I will be on hand to open the show with a set of our own classic covers and Averys originals. Then we'll close up the night with another set. They are both really good sets, but we secretly put the best songs in the second set, just so you know. but the first set is still good. You don't want to miss that. Rich taught us "Steel Guitar Rag" and that will be something you won't want to miss. Plus, Jake wrote a bridge to "Rear View Mirror", which we played last month but it didn't have the bridge. That's turning into a pretty good song. I kind of wished we had recorded it for the record.... So you can see we are always working on new material for you, the loyal and true Traditional Country Music Lover.

I am contractually obliged to tell you all that:
1) this is a free show
2) we will have our DJ Boots Massing spinning real vinyl classics between sets
3) you can win prizes when you play the Classic country Trivia Game (emceed by Papa Ox), and I am bringing some Ranch Party Round Up Brand BBQ sauce that will be some prizes
4) there is ample free parking and also The Shrunken Head has dynamite pizzas now and an awesome selection of beers and all the whiskey you would care to buy me (but there is also a real good taco truck across the street and Andreas said that is the only outside food you can bring in, so if you like tacos you have that going for you....)
5) .....and I guess that is it. So don't miss it.

Slim White and The Averys


The Ranch Party Round Up


Slick Andrews and The 3C Drifters




Slim White and The Averys
Sunday, July 10, 5-9 PM


The Shrunken Head

251 W 5th Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43201